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DocuSign reimagines their Brand: From E-Signatures to Agreement Cloud Leader

Docusign rebranding exercise

DocuSign, the name synonymous with the digital dotted line, is undergoing a bold transformation! While their iconic eSignature offering remains a cornerstone, they’re setting their sights on the future with a brand new identity. The new docusign rebranding  reflects their evolution into the leader of Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM).

What’s the driving force behind this change?

DocuSign is pioneering a new category – IAM – and launching a dedicated platform, DocuSign IAM. This reinvention goes beyond a simple refresh; it’s about building a foundation for the next 20 years.

Key highlights of the rebrand:

New Brand Promise and Tagline: “Bringing Agreements to Life.” This tagline aptly captures their mission to unlock the true potential of agreements, transforming static documents into dynamic tools that drive business growth.
The Nexus Logo: The previous logo heavily leaned on the eSignature aspect. The Nexus logo strikes a new balance, featuring a bold “D” overlapping with an agreement symbol. The intersection creates a vibrant “Inkwell,” symbolising the essence of agreements.
Modernised Wordmark: The new wordmark utilises a custom typeface and incorporates subtle design elements that echo the “Shape of Agreements” from the logo.
Dynamic Connection Platform: This visual platform breathes life into static documents, fostering connections between parties and seamlessly integrating with existing business systems.
More than just a visual refresh, this rebrand signifies DocuSign’s commitment to:
Empowering Customers: DocuSign IAM empowers businesses to streamline agreements, unlocking new possibilities for growth.
Innovation: They’re at the forefront of Intelligent Agreement Management, shaping the future of agreements.
Evolving with the Times: DocuSign is not just about e-signatures anymore. They’re a comprehensive agreement cloud solution provider.

What do you think of DocuSign’s new brand identity? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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