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In response to the imperative need for a robust online presence aligned with stringent security protocols, *conditionsapply partnered with Movate, formerly known as CSS Corp, a digital technology and customer experience services company in mid 2023. The mission was clear: to redefine and fortify their digital footprint while ensuring seamless performance and scalability.


Our Approach

*conditionsapply, with the help of our skilled WordPress developers and server architects, undertook a thorough restructuring and reconstruction process. While closely following Movate’s required web architecture & security standards, our top priorities were performance optimisation, publishing interface refinement, and scalability assurance. With exacting accuracy, the project was carried out, guaranteeing ongoing functionality during the transition with zero downtime.

Delivering Cost savings

In early 2024, we also identified and implemented an alternative AWS hosting solution, paving the way for substantial cost savings for the upcoming financial year. This strategic move underscores our commitment and inherent nature of being proactive in optimising operational efficiency and maximising ROI for our clients.

Ongoing Technical Support

Our partnership extends beyond the development phase, with *conditionsapply assuming responsibility for ongoing technical support. From managing routine WordPress updates to ensuring optimal website infrastructure performance, our dedicated team remains steadfast in upholding Movate’s digital integrity.

Foundational SEO Implementation

Recognising the critical role of search engine visibility, we implemented foundational SEO strategies to enhance Movate’s online presence. By optimising website code and on-page elements, we laid the groundwork for improved search engine rankings and heightened visibility in target markets.


Our collaborative efforts culminated in tangible outcomes that resonate with Movate’s strategic objectives:
Indexed Pages Growth: In OND 2023, we witnessed a remarkable 600% growth in indexed pages. This exponential expansion significantly amplifies Movate’s search engine ranking potential, fostering greater online visibility and brand exposure.


The successful partnership between *conditionsapply and Movate exemplifies our commitment to delivering transformative digital solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. As we continue to navigate the digital landscape together, we remain dedicated to driving innovation, efficiency, and growth for Movate and beyond.
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