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Helping deliver transformative digital solutions: Movate Technology Services Company


PROJECT BRIEF: In response to the imperative need for a robust online presence aligned with stringent security protocols, *conditionsapply partnered with Movate, formerly known as CSS Corp, a digital technology and customer experience services company in mid 2023. The mission was clear: to redefine and fortify their digital footprint while ensuring seamless performance and scalability. […]

Elevate Your Employer Branding: Leverage our Fortune 500 Expertise for Success

In a fiercely competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is pivotal for business success. Our expertise lies in crafting 360-degree employer branding services and strategies that help you to stand out, foster an inspiring corporate culture, and effectively communicate change. Why Choose Us for Employer Branding? At *conditionsapply, we bring a wealth of […]

Crafting a Sustainable Future: MiniMines Clean Technology Company

Digital marketing case studies - Minimines Clean Tech India

PROJECT BRIEF: In response to the intricate challenge of translating complex clean technology solutions into a compelling digital narrative, MiniMines engaged with us to develop an online platform that goes beyond mere representation. The objective was two-fold: to educate visitors on MiniMines’ groundbreaking technologies and, crucially, to cultivate lead generation across diverse stakeholders. Our Approach […]

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