Customer-driven Marketing | Why we need to relearn traditional Marketing

    relearn Marketing

    With the commoditisation of two way communication over the new age media, the distance between people reduced by folds. Both web and mobile phones brought people together in a way where ideas, suggestions, conversations flow seamlessly. While the mainstream media was watching in bewilderment, people were listening to each other than to the brands and media houses. 

    All of a sudden people were least bothered about who is a brand’s ambassador or how good a brand promotion was. The ability of such promotions to create new customers, generate extra revenue or to retain existing customers is deteriorating. As a knee jerk reaction and in the fear of not doing enough in a highly competitive and crowded place, brands started spending even more on main stream promotions and campaigns, only to see their money being sucked away by traditional advertising giants.

    Today it does not matter how superb your creative is, how powerful your copy is or how much money you spent on that AV. Today people chat, connect via email, social media and mobile phones to take suggestions from their friends and have access to what celebrities actually do,  than what they flaunt on a brand campaign. With all this happening, there is a shift onto the new age media for promotion and branding exercises. People do not blindly listen to brands any more. They discuss, share and connect with their friends. And this is why, it is important for you to be part of their conversation. You can be part of their conversation only if you connect with them and listen to them.

    Thus is born, the new way of marketing – Conversational or Customer-driven Marketing.

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