Over 130 million Indians are connected to the Web via fixed and mobile broad band, over 60 million are registered on Facebook and 20 million on LinkedIn.  Surprising ?

Frost & Sullivan finds that nearly 50 percent of young urban Indians spend more than two hours on social media sites daily.

Despite the wide usage and penetration of the internet, it is rather unfortunate to see many business owners in India neglecting their online initiatives. There is a severe lack of knowledge amongst business owners as far as digital technologies are concerned. Social media and online marketing has boiled down to simply posting status messages on Facebook Pages. By resorting to a visually appealing html page for their website, many business owners in India are losing a huge chunk of potential customers and revenue.

India recently touched the 500 million mark in internet users, of which 87% are defined as regular users as per the Kantar IMRB ICUBE report. The country is expected to have over 907 million internet users by 2023, up from 398 million in 2018, as per a report by Cisco ( Feb 2020).  More than 50% of Indians share almost everything or most things online in comparison to 15 % in US and 24% globally. A recent study found that more than 60 percent of internet users in urban India spend four hours or more a day, browsing for various purposes such as entertainment, networking, business, academics and shopping, amongst others.

Online shopping in India has also witnessed fast paced growth. There are hundreds of portals offering a range of products in single or multiple categories for customers. Good indexing and search tools, easy payment options, streamlined logistical infrastructure for shipping and, needless to say, a variety of products at an equally exciting range of prices make online retailing an attractive alternative for traditional shopping in the kirana stores, retail outlets as well as supermarkets.

Even in brick-and-mortar  retail, consumers are using online search and research to make informed purchase decisions. According to Google, approximately 4 in 5 housewives make their purchase as a result of using a Search Engine.

A Good and Effective Website Design Company in India : What to Expect.

A good website design in India, does not come with a heavy price tag.  A properly coded and optimised website can be a great investment for any business. Your website can be the most powerful channel to generate leads and customers for your business. Ever wondered why these business owners continue to spend money or marketing channels including other third-party sites, but do not consider getting a professional website for their own business? In fact, by making a professional website for your business you will be able to significantly reduce your other marketing expenses.

Apart from being a powerful sales channel, your website will function as an excellent marketing vehicle. By using a powerful content management system to publish periodical yet regular content to engage with your customers, you awould be popularizing your brand or your enterprise in the most healthy way possible. Content consumption and sharing is the most prolific activity on the web. Your ability to publish quality, shareable content about your business regularly will help you stay in your customer’s mind and get introduced to more customers.

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