A study by McKinsey showed that businesses using web applications reported more than 10 percent improvement in operational costs and increased revenue margins

A web application or a web app is a software that runs on a web browser. In recent years the web has evolved from a relatively static information network to an interactive information exchange space, with dynamic web applications growing in popularity and becoming commonplace in our digital lives.

Have you identified what the best solution/s for your requirement is? Is it a website, web application, native mobile application or a PWA?

The ideal solution for your requirement need not always be a mobile application. Sometimes, it could be a web application or a progressive web application. In some scenarios, the business perhaps requires a very complex application which is best used on a PC or laptop with a bigger screen, using a chiclet keyboard as the input device.

All these can can only be ascertained after carefully evaluating your specific business requirement. If you have a project you would like us to evaluate, contact us.

Our team has been working on projects for some of the renowned names in the IT and advertising industry helping them build cutting edge web applications for their clients. We use the most robust technologies, frameworks and best practices, to build superior web applications that help you achieve your business goals at the maximum ROI.

We apply the essence of simplicity of design and efficiency in creating web applications, but not before taking the pain to really, really understand the user for whom its being designed for, which is crucial in making or breaking the whole enterprise.

Here is just one of our recent projects

Project Synopsis

Our client who is in the Ed-Tech space, wanted to add value to their clientele of schools by offering them a simplified but powerful digital fee management system. We studied several school management systems currently used across schools and learnt how complex and difficult to use they were. The UI, UX and functionalities were not all user friendly and a complete contrast to the world class technologies the management were using on their devices for their personal requirements.  We decided it is time to build a system as smooth as the popular consumer applications we all are used to and built an application which is a delight to use.

We re-imagined and crafted user flows and features to make the UI a delight and ease to use. By using the latest technologies to harness the power of latest browsers we made the entire fee creation and collection process a breeze and lightning fast.

P.S – The example shows dummy student data from the sandbox environment in order to protect real user data.

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