4 Questions to ask Yourself while creating your Website

    4 Questions to ask Yourself while creating your Website

    So, what comes after you have decided to have a website for your business? Most of the time, we have seen people trying to make a glorified, kaleidoscopic deck presentation, rather than a website. There are plenty of kaleidoscopic websites out there which does not pay any heed to usability, search engine optimization, user interface, user flow, amongst others. To make things worse, there are service providers who offer sites for as cheap as Rs 2000 ( $40), including domain registration, hosting and designing. WOW!! Now, THAT is a tempting, one of a kind offer! Right? WRONG.

    One size doesn’t fit all

    If you want clones, then these might be the way you want to adopt. If you are a bit tech savvy, try checking the codes of these sites and you will see how SEO (Search Engine Optimized) they are. In simple English, what it means to you and to us is this, if your business website is not there at least with your competitors on the first pages of Search results, it is as good as not having a site. Keep an eye  out for their fine print to see what you are getting into, in the first place. And when we say Search items, it means the generic terms one use to search for a service that you may  provide, and NOT the words that constitute the url of your website.

    To understand your unique design and business needs, you need a human interface to make a powerful website for you. Enter Web Developers. 

    Build a website that works for you

    So, you want a website that will work for you, and help you increase your business without sacrificing the visual appeal.

    We will rather keep it simple.

    What do you want your website to do for you ?

    Ask yourself, whether it would be to :

    • Give information about your products/services?
    • Entice customers?
    • Bring in the attention of new customers?
    • Convert your site visitor to transact with you and thus convert to physical sale/business?

    The aforementioned will be, if not only, the points you need to ponder and write down before you even go to your Web Developer.

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