Progressive Web Apps have burst onto the mobile web scene and is showing tremendous promise.

Progressive Web Apps, also known as PWAs are web apps that look and feel just like a native mobile app. It works on any browser, and the users don’t have to download and install any app from the store. This means they do not have to sacrifice storage space on their phones to keep these apps

Flipkart gained 70% more conversion rate, 30% more re-engagement rate with their PWA, all these with 3x lesser data usage.

Just like a native mobile app, a PWA can be showcased on the phone’s home screen, can push notifications and integrate into system settings.

Progressive Web Application Development
Discover PWA’s Advantages

Progressive Web Application Development

PWAs use only a fraction of data usage compared to native apps. A well-implemented PWA can result in even upto 92% less data consumption, compared to a traditional app, thereby keeping the cost of using PWAs low for the end user.

Updating a native app consumes huge amount of data.  PWAs do not have to be automatically or manually updated periodically. As they are similar to websites, you see the the updated version when you load the PWA and it doesn’t have to be updated in the background or before you launch it, saving the end user tremendous amount of data (read money).

Progressive Web Apps load fast. This has a marked impact on search engine rankings as faster loading sites receive a ranking boost. PWAs also get indexed quickly and provides a great user experience.

Another significant advantage of PWAs is its ability to work offline. Certain functions can be served even when a user is on a patchy or disrupted internet connection.

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