Digital Partner to the world’s largest and most diverse hotel company

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Wyndham Hotel Group is the world’s largest and most diverse hotel company with approximately 7,670 hotels and 667,000 rooms worldwide. With highly recognizable brands and hotel choices in every category from upper-upscale to economy. When Wyndham entered Indian hospitality market with an aggressive growth strategy, they needed a reliable and results oriented digital agency to build and operate the digital properties for each of their upcoming properties.


Wyndham’s property owners in the Indian Ocean region, across geographies, reached out to *conditionsapply to build and operate digital platforms for all their hotels. Each website and content is created strictly as per Wyndham guidelines but using latest technology and interface standards. All web properties are constantly monitored and optimised to increase customer engagement and conversion rates.


We go through a detailed study of each property before we commence the project. Depending on each property’s brand, positioning and location, bespoke solutions are derived and executed across the design, development and content phases.

 Bespoke websites for hotels


Design and features are made bespoke for each of the properties of Wyndham, based on their salient features, positioning, and business objectives.

Information gathered from our clients, using our Project Inception Questionnaire is used extensively during the designing process.

Every design element and page goes through several user behavior tests, focus group tests and iterations before submitting to the senior leadership of Wyndham for their input.

All designs and mock ups are approved by the Wyndham leadership in the region before sharing them with respective property management. This ensures that every website is in line with brand guidelines and helps us to accommodate any new requirement which the business objective must have called for.


Intuitive Designs for Hotel Websites

User interfaces were built based on extensive study on how people use hotel and travel websites and what they expect from them. Ease of finding out information is one of the primary user requirements. When you have lots of information, offers and details to showcase it is easy to fall into the trap of overloading information and overwhelming your user.  A good UI approach can de-clutter your website and still serve all the relevant information in an intuitive manner.

Hotel booking widget


We understand how important profitability is for businesses. That is why we keep the business objective at the epicenter of our design.

Poor positioning and usability of booking widget on their site is an expensive mistake hotels make. This causes users from quickly leaving the website without converting or moving to an OTA site to book rooms thus causing loss of revenue.

For Wyndham Hotels we implemented an intuitive interface on their room booking widget, across all there websites, which resulted in an increase of room booking rates of up to 15%

Bespoke website development

When it comes to technological requirements for businesses, we are strong believers of bespoke.  Templates and themes are sufficient if you are casually testing waters for your business or are not sure of the vision or objectives for your business.

Every project we do Wyndham are bespoke and custom developed keeping in the specific business requirement and objectives of each property.

This begins with registering the domain name of each hotel in the management’s complete ownership, evaluating the requirement & scale of internal communication needs and suggesting the appropriate email packages, hosting the email ecosytem, and providing regular support. The creation of the website is a natural follow-through.

clean code


We are extremely particular when it comes to the quality of codes. We do not cut corners when it comes to coding, period. Every line of code is checked through a buddy system and put through stringent quality control measures to ensure optimum performance.



Apart from strictly following the brand guidelines provided by the brand, we also ensured that the sites we built for all Wyndham hotel properties were “responsive” in its rendering. This responsive UI ensured that all their sites were truly device agnostic, rendering optimally across all devices and screen sizes.

A research commissioned by Google shows that 97% of customers expect your website to behave seamlessly across all devices. 52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company.


Simple, structured and crisp communication has always been the singular reason that keeps users coming to any website, and especially when it comes to those which offer value-additions and special offers on the go, like hotels.

*conditionsapply’s editorial team, in close consultation with the marketing team of the respective hotels, leran about the USPs of the property, the unique offerings and events, and then put together content strategies that can help gain maximum visibility for these online.

This is also strengthened by specific paid campaigns, which also help in strengthening the brand visibility as it assists in creating leads for focussed activities.