How we revived the digital presence of an IT company which had gotten delisted from all search engines

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Founded in 2005, Inflow Technologies is a niche and prominent player in the IT Infrastructure Distribution & Services in India. They distribute Information Security, Networking, Automatic Identification and Data Capture & POS, Infrastructure & Application Software, Storage Management, Electronic Security products & related Services in South Asia. With direct relationship with 41 global technology vendors, more than 730 channel partners and more than 6000 numbered customer base, they are one of the market leaders in the space.


Company website which was developed by another agency had somehow become a non-entity in search engines. Even a normal search by the company name would not pull up any relevant search results. To say it least, it was equivalent of being wiped off the web and de-indexed from all search engines. For a business of their nature, this was hugely detrimental. How ever they did not want to change the design and wanted us to fix just the underlying back end problem.


Through robust audits and processes we identified the core issues, fixed it and measured the improvement, before taking appropriate content and SEO measures to further enhance the company’s search engine visibility and page ranking across for their  main target keywords

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On careful auditing of the site, *conditionsapply discovered severe flaws and vulnerabilities in the codebase which caused the problem. Apart from rebuilding the entire CMS which powered their back end, we also overhauled the content architecture without disturbing the design nor causing any downtime to the existing installation.

Each page was optimised for Search engines and re-submitted to the web masters. After multiple resubmissions and follow up, all defunct & irrelevant pages from search engines were thoroughly removed, which revived the site’s page ranking. This was further nurtured by consistently publishing relevant high quality content, which also pushed up the site’s integrity quotient, and hence its visibility.

Once the code and indexing issues were fixed, our editorial team started further enhancing the site’s content.  Through extensive research about Inflow’s business and sourcing all relevant content from the supportive marketing team of Inflow, helped us to create pages which not just kept their users engaged, but also got the search engines to boost page rankings.

Today *conditionsapply extends our ongoing support for Inflow technologies through our Managed Services, helping them with their SEO, content publishing, creating effective landing pages for digital campaigns and events and rolling out additional features for the website as and when demanded by the client.


Inflow features as the number 1 organic search result on the first page, for the search term, from about 1.5 Million pages.

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Inflow features as the number 1 organic search result on the first page, for the search term, from about 5.9 Million pages.

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