We partnered with a renowned author to nurture and promote literary talent

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As the digital medium keeps getting inundated with a relentless barrage of content, thanks to its capability of transforming every user into a ‘publisher’, quality has been mauled and beaten black & blue. As a digital agency, we understand this crisis a lot better than anybody else out there.

It is to address this ‘free-fall’ in standards of content generation that *conditionsapply wanted to do its bit, and help create a system to nurture outstanding literary talent. A pool of literary aptitude who would go forth and create masterpieces which would enrich, and engage readers and evoke the love to read and appreciate good writing once again. *conditionsapply collaborated with the renowned and best selling Author Anita Nair to create a domain that would do all this and more.

We named it Anita’s Attic with the tagline “You will find it here”.



Anitas Attic

From the several versions which our design team created, this is the version which made it through the majority vote and a thumbs up from Anita Nair.

The pictogram element of the branding symbolises the “attic” as a physical space, and the alphabet “A”

A functional and user friendly digital presence was crucial for the success of the program. Apart from sharing all relevant information pertaining to the program, the site would also be the main touch point for lead generation and audience engagement.

The site we built for Anita’s Attic is powered by a CMS, and is responsive, with intuitive UI to ensure that site visitors gets all the relevant information with utmost ease. The UX follows a narrative approach of sublimely guides users through each actionable activity on the site. The analytics and user journey data proves that the UI implemented on the site is significantly helping in generating leads for the program.

The codebase implemented has a huge contribution to the superior page rankings the site is enjoying.

The online presence of Anita’s Attic also serves the latest updates and events that happen at the Creative Mentorship Programs ( referred as Seasons for ease of reference ), the authors and industry representatives visits, and also have well-defined profiles created of the participating writers in its “Honor Roll” section.

Along with the quality code, the handcrafted content quality has ensured that the site is on the first scroll of first page of search engines and has been enjoying outstanding organic traffic, resulting in all seasons being sold out.