Foonza Media Redefines Movie Reviewing With its Free Bonafyd App, Ensuring No More Fake Reviews

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World’s First App That Ensures Your Movie Reviews are Truly Bonafide, by Confirming you Have Watched the Movies at the Respective Cinemas

Currently Available in India and the UK

Foonza Media announced the release of its free mobile application, Bonafyd for Android users, initially available for use only in India and the UK that would enable users to capture and share their reviews, helping build powerful credibility as genuine reviewers in a community powered by real reviews.

Bonafyd, available online through the Google Play Store, makes it possible for any movie fan who wants to make his opinion known, share it in the Bonafyd community which can be seamlessly again shared through the popular social media platforms. The key driver here is that for the first time ever, it ensures that all reviews are genuine, as reviews can only be posted by those who have watched the movie. Bonafyd ensures that.

According to Joshi Jose, co-founder, Foonza Media, “Bonafyd is created with the sole objective to enable, empower and entertain; three characteristics we focus on for all our products and services. It is just few days since we launched the beta phase, and we are overwhelmed by the initial response. There cannot be a better platform for a movie buff, a movie journalist or a movie professional and we are excited and committed to build this one-of-a-kind community.”

Bonafyd efficiently addresses the needs of the movie-goer as well as the movie-producer with a host of features already integrated into the application, with more on the way.

The movie fan can look forward, over and above publishing one’s own, to genuine reviews and trends from movie-goers who are still at the cinemas or have just finished watching their movies. Churning out real time data, including number of people watching, number of screens, ratings and reviews, Bonafyd enables the inquisitive movie fan to search for movies worth watching by location, make convenient movie plans, follow and connect with other movie aficionados.

For the movie critic, movie blogger or the movie reviewer, there cannot be another tool more amazing than Bonafyd to amass followers and engage them in real-time, building their followers based on genuine movie information and thereby not just enhance their credibility but also engage with a captive audience base who are not distracted with flood of other content or chitter chatter.

Bonafyd transforms into a powerful tool for movie producers, directors, artists and other professionals to promote their movies, based on the real-time data available, inspiring more to enjoy its wholesome experience, and thereby more revenue.

For the fan clubs who adore and promote their screen gods and goddesses, there cannot be another powerful marketing tool than Bonafyd to help ensure scorch box-office records.

Bonafyd also has a web version available at and the iOS version will be coming out soon.

Link to download Bonafyd App :

Google App store :

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