De-mystifying Digital | How much does a website cost ?

Let’s also have a Coffee maker, a Filing cabinet and a Website.

That’s what people think about having an online presence, when they have just started or are visualizing about starting a business. In a world where monopoly is no more a possibility, and services and products are powerful commodities, its surprising why only a few business owners have realized the true power of the web. A majority of the businesses have resorted to bulk text messaging and e-mailer blasts, assuming them to be the optimum utilization of technology online for their business.

With Internet and Mobile regulations getting more stringent every day, one must be proactive enough to explore and  find robust systems that  enhance and strengthen the business, online and offline.

Businesses typically spend hundreds of thousands in developing their websites. In a market like the US, the average cost of creating a website is approximately US $8000, that  may even soar way beyond US $10000 in most cases. While the cost is adjusted in INR for the Indian market, the  fact remains, that it still needs to be consolidated. Most of the website developers we have interacted mostly depend on the local Meteorological Institute, the elliptical orbit of Mars, or just their psychological mood at that point of time to throw a quote at a prospective client.

Business owners need to find for themselves, get educated on harnessing the real power of modern technology and  how it can be optimally utilized  to boost their businesses.

Having a website is no longer  a ‘good to have’ but a ‘must have”

Millions of people flock on the web. Information gets shared  globally about the latest trends, best deals and even places and things to avoid. The average Indian consumer is intelligent, and spends a decent amount of time researching on the web and amongst  his circle of friends before even doing anything as small as choosing a place for lunch!

The question is,do you want to grab his attention and boost your business? It’s time you thought way beyond bulk text message blasts and emailer avalanches.

Websites can truly boost your business, provided your Online Solutions Provider understands your needs,your business,knows exactly what you want from the World Wide Web and delivers more than what you were looking for.

And, that, makes good business sense !

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