Translating the shopping experience into one that is equal or more enjoyable than the physical act off-line is a huge responsibility.

For a shopper, it becomes especially important when all that you are interacting all through ( for most of the time ) is a “code-army” working behind-the-scenes interacting with you without a hitch – all through the cycle till the final act of gratification. For the number of e-commerce ventures that start and get successful there are 10 times the number failing and not even seeing the daylight.

Many think starting an e commerce website is easy. Yes, putting up a Web site is easy. But add words like effective, scalable, and successful, and it gets a lot harder.

“A Web site is like an iceberg,” says Delta Air Lines CIO Charles Feld, a longtime IT executive with stints at Frito-Lay and Burlington Northern. “What you see looks small and simple, but below it you have infrastructure integration issues with maybe 40 or 50 databases. So building a Web infrastructure can be a pretty serious task”

At *conditionsapply we identify the scale and scope of your e-commerce venture. The range of your products, target geography and demography, supply chain systems etc before even identifying which platform to go with. We work on a range of frameworks and e-commerce solutions including WP Commerce, Open Cart, PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify and Custom-made systems.

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