BBMP goes high tech to arrest stray dog menace with a mobile app

app to check stray dogs
The stray dog menace in Bangalore has been on a steady rise. According to the last cattle census (in 2007), the number of dogs stood at 1.83 lakh. It is now risen to 2.5 lakh, according to estimates. This, despite BBMP’s Animal Birth Control programme that involves neutering the dogs.Despite the crores of rupees being spent, dog menace continues unabated in the city. Stray dogs are a menace to people on the road, especially children, as well as two-wheeler riders, as the highly territorial animals often chase them.

To live up to the tag of silicon city of India, BBMP has decided go the technology route to put a curb to the dog menace. BBMP has allotted funds to make a mobile app to report stray dogs in the city. An IT major from Bangalore has bagged the project to make this app.

The app which for now is called “Hey Stray” will be made available for iOs and Android. The app will be seamlessly integrated to the BBMP operations portal, which is also undergoing overhauling as part of digitisation and e governance. To keep the animal lovers happy, the app will also have a provision to report any stray dogs in distress, which will be swiftly forwarded to respective organisations to attend.

This is how the app will work, according to BBMP officials. When ever you see a stray dog, you just pull out your smartphone, click the picture and submit. The location of the dog will be automatically captured and transmitted to the database from the exif header data which gets generated whenever you take a picture on your smart phone. Since the photo is taken from your phone, BBMP can record your number for future reference, and a possible feedback to estimate their progress.

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