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A mobile app that has been built with the best of mobile application development practices gains you traction with customers can be a significant way to boost business. U.S. consumers now spend five hours a day on mobile devices. And 92 percent of that time is spent using apps.

Today, Google Play store has more than 3.5 million apps, and the App Store is home to over 2.2 million apps. It seems like every business has a mobile app. Even your local grocery shop may be getting into this action! It also makes it crystal clear of the scale of the competition in the play field, and why you need to be the master in your game.

India has become the world’s fastest-growing market for mobile applications on both the Apple iOS and Google’s Android Play Store, beating US and China. The country also leads in the most number of mobile app downloads across both platforms.

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Android Mobile Application Development

Our experienced Android Mobile Application developers are adept at building comprehensive, feature-rich, intuitive Android applications that are built to take your business forward. As a Native Mobile Application, our goal is to give it the beauty & muscle to be discovered in the business domain on the App Store.

iOS Mobile Application Development

our wealth of experience in Native iOS Mobile Application development focuses on building the best in-class functionalities and capabilities to make your Mobile Application stay true to your business objectives. From concept, design, development to App Store deployment and maintenance, you can rely on us.

We created the world’s first intelligent cinema check-in app for a client

By using a wide range of dynamic parameters, our team of mobile app developers built and delivered probably the world’s first ever Check-in app which could intelligently authenticate if you have watched a movie at a cinema.

The app was built natively for iOS and android platforms using Swift and Android Studio. The UI/UX, development robustness and performance was much appreciated by the client, who is preparing to launch this into a post-COVID world of cinemas and movies.

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Why you should have Us as your Mobile App Development Team

Bespoke Approach

Apart from using the most appropriate, cutting edge and scalable solutions,  we also ensure that your users and business objectives are kept at the epicenter of our entire design, development and maintenance phases. We build everything bespoke.

Experienced Team

Our Technology team comes with more than a decade of experience & expertise working together, and specialists in their domains. Added to the consultative approach we bring to each stage, each project build turns out above and beyond the set objectives

Latest Technologies

We have always made sure stay on the ball with regard to the technology tools used in Mobile Application Development for your business requirements, along with qualified tech specialists for building them, be it React Native, Objective C, Swift, Kotlen, Flutter or Java.

Get the Best Mobile Apps Development Company for your Dream Project

As an experienced mobile apps development company, we first help you identify the right kind of mobile application that you need for your business. Mobile Applications are of different kinds, each having its advantages and disadvantages, and are broadly from the following types. Our experienced Mobile Application Development team will help realise your business objectives in the nimblest, holistic, cost-effective way .

Mobile apps development company

Native Mobile Apps

Our native mobile applications on iOS & Android, are built to take full advantage of both the platforms – be it with brilliant UI & UX interfaces, yet light on memory, super fast and nimble for your business. Our builds cover online shopping, social commerce and more. While for iOS-running devices, Swift is used, we use Java predominantly for Android operating systems.

We help Doulton Water FIlters, protect their customers from counterfeit products

Industries world-wide loses large amounts to counterfeiters (3.3% of world trade is counterfeit). These losses not only affect the producers of genuine items, but they also involve social costs. The ultimate victims of unfair competition are the consumers. Doulton Water Filters, the England based global leader in water filters with presence in 140 countries, wanted to ensure their customers always got the genuine Doulton water filters. So our team build an iOS and android mobile application to do just that – with a simple scan. Well, this app has more intuitive and useful features which their customers thoroughly love.

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A good team of Mobile apps developers

Cross-platform Mobile Apps

If cost-effectiveness and very fast turnaround seem to be the key operative objectives for your mobile application development, we would go with Cross-platform Mobile Applications to realise your goal. As a mobile apps development company in operation since 2008, our expertise in the most-used tools for cross-platform app development – React Native, Flutter, Swift (iOS & Ubuntu) will help you get to the finishing line quickly.

Cross-platform Mobile Application for a Recruitment Product Startup

Gigmix is a new age recruitment platform for the new world of gig roles and remote jobs. Gigmix uses AI to match job seekers with employers and helps employers increase the quality and speed of hiring by integrating the entire hiring lifecyle management into a single, smooth, intuitive app. The product is available as web and mobile applications. Gigmix was built for a Cochin, India based start-up and was part of our Incubator Program.

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Identifying the right kind of Mobile Application for your requirement/your business is equally critical as finding the right mobile apps developer. For business owners who have identified the need & have the resource to create a Mobile Application to build their new business or augment their existing one, getting to the right information is very important. Here is where the consultative, design & technological expertise of a Mobile Application Development team like *conditionsapply matters

Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users. These apps meet certain requirements (see below), are deployed to servers, accessible through URLs, and indexed by Search engines.

Mobile apps development team

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FAQs on Mobile-apps Development Company

What are the most common mobile application development platforms?

As a Mobile apps development company that has been working on web technologies and mobile, since 2008, we are used to working with the best of Mobile Application Development Platforms to help businesses & brands. The popular ones include React native, Flutter, Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin and many more.

Why is mobile application development important?

Mobile Applications are a part of human life & living now. It has influenced and impacted our quality of life in a multitude of ways that has made some of them a part of daily living. Hence, the responsibility in ensuring mobile applications stay and work glitch-free, adding more conveniences for the users, while being scalabale, manageable and be a healthy revenue-generator for its makers all lie on the builders – the mobile application development teams. Which is why, you need an experienced Mobile Application Development team to make this happen.

Should a business consider mobile application development for Android?

There are a lot of factors that are in favour of building you business mobile application on the Android platform. The comparative low cost is a crucial factor. As the leading mobile platform with 73% market share, the reach and returns are immense for a mobile application built & marketed well. Being open source, the possibilities of scaling up, flexibility and customisation are incomparable. And the Google Play Store gives the best playing field for discoverability and even prior testing (alpha/beta) which immensely helps in refining the product.

Should every business consider mobile application development for iOS?

iOS Mobile Application Development is for Apple devices that form the 26% market share in mobile platforms. As a dedicated user-base that consistently uses their Apple devices, they are also drive substantial revenue per user compared to an average Android user. As the development is only for Apple devices, all manufactured for extraordinary synchronicity between them, it takes relatively lesser time for iOS Mobile Application development. Added to this the better security of Apple ecosystem along with most modern functionalities – iPencil, force touch all make it a powerful contender in app development for your business.

Is it necessary to look for mobile application development near me?

Proximity does not matter. We use market leading collaboration, project management and video conferencing tools to work with clients across the world. Thanks to this, we easily and successfully completed several projects during the pandemic when work from home was a norm. So no! our team can help you with your mobile application requirement, no matter which part of the world you are in .

I have the business idea and the concept but am a non-technical person. Can you help with my Mobile Application development ?

We would be delighted. In fact, our Incubation Program would be perfect to take this forward. Our integrated approach of bringing our consultative, design, technology and marketing prowess to augment your business idea of the Mobile Application will be the perfect way to take your idea to fruition, with a non-disclosure agreement, if needed.

How do I choose which is better for my requirement – Native, Hybrid or Web Apps ?

There is no singular, definitive answer to this question. It depends on a lot of factors. broadly, it would depend on your business idea, its target audience, your budget and your timeline. All three have their benefits. We would be glad to guide you on what would work best for your business idea. Let’s talk.

Do you have an inhouse team or do you outsource Mobile App development ?

Yes we do. We have a full-fledged, dedicated Mobile Development team, experienced for Native, Hybrid or Web App development, with expertise in Android Studio, React Native, Flutter, Swift, Objective C, Java and Kotlin, amongst others.

How much would an Android/iOS Mobile Application cost ?

There are many aspects that need to be considered while building a mobile application for your business. Its features, the infrastructure, the chosen platform, design, and mainly the type of app ( gaming, e-commerce etc) that would ultimately decide on the cost. There is no cookie-cutter solution for this. We would be glad to walk you through and arrive at a cost estimate.

Will you help me maintain my Mobile Application post-launch ?

Yes, we will. Our mobile development technology team will ensure its day-to-day maintenance .

What are the Mobile Application Development Tools that your team use ?

Our mobile development team is experienced for Native, Hybrid or Web App development, with expertise in React Native, Flutter, Swift, Objective C, Java, Android Studio and Kotlin, amongst others.

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