What does Mercedes Benz and a chicken have in common? Find out

Mercedes Benz Body Control

When Mercedes recently wanted to communicate its Magic Body Control”active suspension system, they turned to agency Jung von Matt/Nectar Stuttgart. The agency creative minds sat down and came up with idea of the perfect star/s for the commercial – chickens. yes

Inspired from video they saw long ago of how chickens keep their head still, they used a bunch of chickens to dance to Diana Ross’s “Upside Down”–The chickens are simply held by people and moved in dance moves as the chckens hold their head steady and well balanced to every move. Thinking of it, its a sheer genius simplicity.

The video is already viral in you tube with more than a million views. A simple, viral powerful messaging communicating exactly what is needed to the point.

Cheers to Jung von Matt/Nectar

Watch this video to see what a Mercedes Benz and a chicken have in common

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