Fundraising for your favourite cause

just became

as easy as reading this.

As a Not-for-Profit, Community Organisation, an accredited Association or an NGO ( Non-Governmental Organisation), haven’t you always wondered about the possibility of a Peer to Peer Fundraising platform of your own which offers you complete flexibility, modern technology, and the total ownership on the Funds raised, without any 3rd party commissions?

It is now available with a single click. Amazed ?

A dedicated Fundraising platform brings to your Organisation

Viral Fundraising Campaigns
 Immediate Funds to your Own Bank Account 
Zero Commissions

Watch the Video : Make Technology raise more Money

Helps start Your Fundraiser without wasting a Minute

It is so easy to start your fundraising, regardless of whether you are an individual or want to do it as a team for the organisation.

Choose a Cause

Any cause that is closest to your heart

Choose from the set causes of the organisation or have them create the one you have in mind

Share it with the World

Get the maximum reach

Utilize the entire power of social media outreaches to reach the most number of donors

Create your Page

Embellish & Enrich your Story

Create an impactful page for your Cause with a click, add videos and a compelling story

Own the Donations

No more 3rd party Commissions

Own the complete Fundraising amount donated to your organisation through the Campaign

Successful Fundraisers that bring in more Engagement, Involvement & Money

The Solution is just a click away

Technology for Fundraising

It is time for superior technology to take over and ensure your Fundraising is a spectacular success.

More Awareness

More Involvement

More Money

Make beautiful Fundraising pages with a few clicks, power it up with your worthy cause and impactful message, and you are ready to ! The rest is taken care by the superior technology and intuitive UI & UX Design that is used to build this Peer to Peer Fundraising platform. Bring more awareness to the Event, more involvement and more money.

Everything you Need in your own Peer to Peer Fundraising platform

All the features that you had dreamt of that ensures seamless fundraising by fundraisers, cause advocates, and campaign leaders


Create Campaigns

Your supporters can get it online with a few clicks


Individual OR Team

Run Campaigns the way you want it


Set Durations

Each Fundraiser with its own Time Duration


Set Targets

Set target amounts for your Fundraising


Monitor Progress

Monitor progress of your campaign


No Commissions

Totally own the Fundraising Amount

Successful Fundraisers that bring in more Engagement, Involvement & Money

The Solution is just a click away

FAQs on this Peer to Peer Fundraising Platform

How does this differ from the popular Fundraising Platforms ?

This gives the dual goodness and advantage of having organisations have their admirers and supporters run fundraising campaigns for its causes, and also see the entire donation amount coming to the organisation without a single Rupee lost in commissions.

Does the platform come with a ready payment gateway too ?

No. This tool would need to be integrated to your own payment gateway. Our team can do it for you.

We have an approved payment gateway. Can you help integrate it ?

With pleasure. Our experienced technical team will help integrate your Payment gateway to the platform for Free.

How Robust is this P2P Fundraising platform ?

Conceptualised, designed & developed based on the deep and layered insights we have had as one the best Web Design & Web Development teams in the country, this is built to perform & scale. Built on the best of technologies, we would be glad to factor in and integrate any specific requirements you might have for your organistaion.

Successful Fundraisers that bring in more Engagement, Involvement & Money

The Solution is just a click away

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