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    The 3 Key Elements of a Website

    So once you have decided what your website should do for you, its time to get a professional to do it for you. There are basically two types, as far the structure of the website is concerned – the Table structure and the HTML + CSS structure. The table structure would be the most easiest one to make. You will come across an entire army of web designers churning these ones out on assembly-line processes.

    Sadly, that is what most businesses end up with too. Why is it sad? The answer is simple – these are inferior coding structures and search engines always ignore them. Search engines are constantly evolving at a rapid pace, so much, that it is evolving while you are reading this article.

    I shall write about these structures in my future posts. Right now, let’s keep it plain and simple, since I wish businesses and individuals, to understand what we are discussing here.

    There are three 3 components which makes a great site.

    1. Website Code Structure

    A professional web developer can use industry leading and quality coding structure to ensure that your website is stable, as well as user and search engine friendly.

    2. Website Content

    The text, images and videos that go into your site constitutes your content. This content needs to be created keeping keywords and search trends in mind. This is where the skills of a professional web writer comes into play. These writers go way beyond just writing a good read. They do extensive research before creating your content. This research they do, is quite extensive in itself, since they closely study the keywords that can power your website and also analyze what people are talking about your/your nature of services. This aspect has become so much more critical, since the social media has taken off. The need to track user behavior in real time is of utmost importance here.

    3. Links and Listings

    If the aforementioned two points are taken care of, chances are you will get people to link (refer to) to your website. The more people linking to your site, simply means they approve of your website’s content.

    Look at it as the popularity of your site, if you will.

    Hope this should help you determine how your prospective  site should be  made, or how you would want to enrich your current website. As always, do remember that your ability to find the right professionals to do it for you is the key.

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